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About Me

Hi I'm Naomi. After my first round of fertility treatment failed I was exhausted, depressed and was having panic attacks. My fertility clinic suggested that I undertake an eight-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course. I did and the result has been life changing. The course opened my eyes to how our thoughts and feelings shape our lives and how our bodies respond to our thinking, anxious thinking = anxious body. 

I left my career in furniture design and interior project management to focus on myself and my health and began reading everything I could on the mindbody link. I set up Mindful Muma-to-be to share what I am learning and to connect to others interested in this subject. I am an Infertility Network UK volunteer and run a free central London support group as well as the online group (info below).

I have been using EFT (emotional freedom technique) for the past 18 months and absolutely love it. I completed my EFT practitioner training in September 2013 with Emma Roberts and Sue Beer who contributed to the book The Babymaking Bible. I am now training in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and cognitive hypnotherapy at the renowned Quest Institute in London. I took part in the Mind-Belly Connection's 10 week Believe program last summer and completed an 8 week mindfulness-based cognitive therapy course in December 2013. 

I launched my new venture Embrace, an 8 week mindfulness/EFT/CBT course in January 2014. See here for details. I am also available for 1 to 1 EFT sessions via Skype or in person in central London. All Mindful Muma-to-be members receive a £10 discount on 1 to 1 sessions. 

Mindful Mumas-to-be Online

Mindful Mumas-to-be is a free group for anyone trying to conceive, going through fertility treatments or who is now pregnant and is interested in learning more about mindfulness and the mind-body link.

“I found this group during the darkest days of my life; I had just had a biochemical pregnancy following my first IVF. I was devastated! I wasn't coping- I was signed off work with depression, didn't want to see my friends & family, couldn't sleep, put on a ton of weight and cried every day. Since joining the group, I have started to turn my life around. I have come to realise the benefits of positive, mindful thinking. It has encouraged me to make time & take time out for myself, it has taught me new techniques and coping strategies to help me along this bumpy roller coaster ride and it has opened up a new support network of truly inspiring, supportive and understanding people. Thank you Naomi. I feel like I'm starting to get my life back and look forward to the future, as I now know that one day, some how, I will be a yummy Mindful Muma-to-be.” Laura Mindful Muma-to-be member

I joined this support group a year ago and found myself a whole new world connecting to like-minded people. The journey of IF has been an isolated and harsh one but it all changed after I joined the group. Naomi’s brave embrace of the TTC journey and open discussion about the troubled mind are really encouraging to me. And it is fascinating that she always finds new things to share with us, such as meditation classes, mindfulness course and hypnotherapy. I admit I have been her faithful follower for most of her ideas and feel much healthier in my mind and my physical wellbeing also improves. It is such a fun group too, for example, we went out for a Christmas meal and exchanged presents for each other. The regular social get-together enables us to meet the real people we have known from the Facebook group, and share personal experiences. It always fills my heart with warm feeling when I think of the amazing support and encouragement I have got from being part of this group. Apricot Mindful Muma-to-be member

We spend the majority of our lives on automatic pilot, reacting to situations from habit. By becoming more aware, from moment to moment, of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, as well as the world around us, we give ourselves the possibility of greater freedom and choice.

I have created an online group to discuss fertility boost tips, positive psychology, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), meditation, emotional freedom technique, healthy eating and how to stop yourself going crazy on this journey to motherhood! 

The page is YOUR space so please use it to discuss anything and everything on your fertility journey. I called the group Mindful Mumas-to-be as I want it to be a fertility support group that grows with us rather than an infertility group. I feel very strongly that forums and groups that kick people out as soon as they get that positive pregnancy result are adding to the feelings of separation that women feel while trying to conceive. It encourages a “them and us” mentality which is not healthy. The research I am doing also indicates that if someone has suffered from infertility getting that BFP (big fat positive in forum lingo) does not wipe out all of the months of worry and upset. Yes you have reached your much longed for goal but may feel more anxious about pregnancy than if you conceived straight away and have more fears regarding loosing the pregnancy. Women who are now pregnant can offer amazing advice and support to those still TTC and in turn the group will support each other throughout their TTC journeys and pregnancies. 

It is a secret facebook group so won’t show up on your page or newsfeed and the content is only viewable by members but it also means that you can’t search for it so request to join via the mailing list signup form and I'll email you an invite.  

"During my five years of TTC I have been through three rounds of fertility treatment, two miscarriages and two operations. I have experienced hope, joy, despair and at times overwhelming sadness, during this time I reached out to various support forums seeking answers, help, support and maybe even a fertility friend or two! In January 2014 I was at home recovering from my second surgery for endometriosis when I felt myself slipping into a very dark place, I felt truly defeated, I was the saddest I had been in a while and felt like I had lost all hope. Then one day, unexpectedly I received an invite to join Mindful Muma-to-be from a lovely lady called Naomi. I had nothing to lose and hoped it would give me a connection to other ladies going through the same thing, this is when things started to turn around for me. After reading Naomi's blog and the fabulous advice on the website I began to feel not so alone and so began my journey to recovery, both mentally and emotionally. I realised this was the support group I'd been looking for over the last five years and finally I had found it. I have met some truly wonderful ladies, each with their own unique journey and capability of surviving what is a roller coaster ride!! It has given me the opportunity to share my happy days and my sad days. I laugh now but during another 'pregnancy announcement' at work I found myself locked in the work toilet logging on so I could share how I was feeling and ask for help, within minutes I had over six responses and by the end of day I'd received over sixteen replies all giving me advice and support but most importantly just being there! I can't thank people like Naomi enough who give up their time whilst continuing their own journey to help others like myself. Since joining Mindful Muma-to-be I've learned to be kind to myself, learn what makes me happy and live in the now but most importantly after five long years I finally feel like I've made some truly wonderful friends who I hope one day I get to meet in person. So Thank you everyone and thank you Naomi - Mindful Muma-to-be xxx" Michelle Mindful Muma-to-be member

Mindful Mumas-to-be Events

See the Events page for details.

Mindful Mumas Online Group

I have also created a second group to discuss mindful parenting as the more I learn the more I am told to focus on what I want rather than what I don't want. 

I don’t want; infertility, negative pregnancy tests, heartache, sadness, worry and this feeling of separation from my friends who are pregnant or have children.

What I want is; fertility, a positive pregnancy test, a smooth and healthy pregnancy accompanied with a feeling of joy and safe in the knowledge that all is right in the world, oh and a beautiful, healthy, happy baby at the end of it! 

Is that too much to ask?

I believe that I needed to go through my dark days and that I needed to research all that I could about infertility/fertility so that I could reach the place I am now, where I feel that I am doing everything I can to support my body and in the best part have come to terms emotionally with where I am in this moment. 

Positive thinking can majorly backfire. Many a month I’ve convinced myself, both emotionally and physically that I’m pregnant. I have had every early pregnancy symptom in the book, including a metallic taste in my mouth that lasted five days and made everything taste like pennies!

Staying positive can end up being just another item on the long list of things that we do because we are scared that we don’t do them we won’t get pregnant! If you are doing ANYTHING out of fear then stop doing it. The whole point of focusing on what you want is to make you feel good, to make you feel joyful and in turn less stressed and more relaxed. 

I feel now that I have come to a place of acceptance. Using my mindfulness practice I can step back and let what will be, BE. I intend to focus on pregnancy and motherhood in place of the time usually spent worrying about infertility. However I do this gently, not demanding that this is what will happen, just allowing space in my life and in my thoughts for it to happen in its own time, whether naturally or through fertility treatments. I still have bad days when I won't go on to this page as it is too hard but other days I want to focus on my future and this space allows me to do that. 

The group includes friends some who are raising their children to the principles of attachment parenting. Everyone is welcome to join both groups no matter where you are on your journey. Feel free to join and then leave if it is not your cup of tea. 

Disclaimer: Neither I nor any Mindful Muma-to-be member will take any responsibility for you. I/we are not medically trained and all information posted both on this website and within the Mindful Muma-to-be and Mindful Mumas group pages is purely to share personal experiences and to inspire. If you choose to make use of any of the information shared you agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being. 
Mindfulness, EFT and hypnosis can be learned and self applied by almost anyone, and although no negative side effects have been noted, if you have a diagnosed psychiatric disorder you may want to consult the advice of a skilled professional and your doctor, as you would with any other therapy use.